Pastoral Care - St Patrick's East Gosford

Pastoral Care

Inspired by our motto, ‘Trust in the Truth’, we at St Patrick’s Catholic School commit to love one another in a supportive Catholic community where faith and individuals are nurtured.


St Patrick’s Catholic School aims to offer to all a vision and experience of learning that is an exercise of love. We believe that in a community that provides a strong sense of wellbeing, belonging and security, students are given every opportunity to be affirmed in their dignity and growth, confirmed in their personhood, and are assisted to grow to the fullness of their potential. Likewise the dignity of parents and their noble place as the prime educators of their children is respected and affirmed.

In the St Patrick’s Catholic School community, responsibility is entrusted to all members – students, parents, staff, clergy and administrators – to contribute to one another’s growth and journey towards wholeness. We endeavour to provide the experience of high quality interpersonal relationships of care and support to all. Thus each member is both a provider and recipient of Pastoral Care Please see our Community Service Flyer.


St. Patrick’s Catholic School is sensitive and responsive to the needs of the wider community. A Pastoral Care Team, consisting of staff representatives, is formed on an annual basis to provide leadership for the community and a `Pastoral Parent’ is nominated to take responsibility for making contact with families in time of special need.

The school supports church appeals, community appeals and charitable organisations. Our Annual Christmas Hamper initiative supports many families in the community.

The annual school budget includes an allocation for Pastoral Care. Support to families may be made available for student requisites and/or excursion costs. The Principal and the Pastoral Care Team meet to discuss which situations need support. A comprehensive library for parents has been established to support parents with quality literature.


The school has always maintained very close links with the Parish and enjoys an excellent rapport with our parish priests and community. Parish priests regularly visit classrooms and spend time with the children, providing them with the opportunity to talk to someone in times of need.