Our Curriculum - St Patrick's East Gosford

Our Curriculum

St Patrick’s School is committed to excellence in teaching and learning.

The staff, as a learning community, have been able to identify and articulate our shared beliefs about learning:

At St Patrick’s our vision for every classroom is to be a place of:

Precision (point of need) teaching to support all children achieve optimal growth in order to reach their full potential.

We believe that:

Teaching at its Best is…
knowing the student’s exact point of need and their learning style; and knowing how best to engage them and move them on.

Therefore, we will:

  • Plan learning of significance to bring about deep knowledge and understanding.
  • Have a rich environment (ie. walls that teach/assist learning?).
  • Use effectively assessment of, for and as
  • Provide meaningful feedback regularly
  • Use assessment data to inform teaching (ie. use assessment data to revise my teaching & hence bring about a more effective teaching approach)
  • Reduce the number of worksheets to a minimum
  • Invest time communicating/working with the parents of my students
  • Allocate time for individual and group learning/problem solving
  • Know the learning styles and plan activities accordingly
  • Know student’s point of need and meet them there planning activities/intervention accordingly
  • Move around the classroom questioning and observing students learning/thought processes
  • Use a variety of strategies to facilitate learning
  • Have a coherent teaching program which follows a common scope and sequence so no gaps occur