PDHPE - St Patrick's East Gosford


Learning in this Key Learning Area is supported by the allocation of two and a half hours each week being spent by students in Years K-6 on the development of their skills in:

  • acquiring knowledge and understanding;
  • applying Catholic beliefs to decision making;
  • their ability to make informed decisions about health and lifestyle
  • social responsibility;
  • personal fitness; and fundamental movement skills

This guideline for PDHPE time is inclusive of the Commonwealth Physical Activity Requirement of 120min per week and the BOS PDHPE syllabus requirement. The Commonwealth Physical Activity Requirement can include the practical PE component of the PDHPE syllabus, sport or any other skills or physical activity type program, which is planned and occurs on a regular basis. It can also include the Dance component of the Creative Arts KLA.

The School’s ‘PDHPE Policy’ documents our beliefs, strategies and processes for effective teaching and learning in this key Learning Area.