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At St Patrick’s our school canteen services both the Primary & Infants campuses each Wednesday at recess only, and on Friday’s at recess and lunch. Lunch orders are available on Friday’s only.

We do our best to keep our prices low and as we are volunteer run, we are able to keep our prices lower than most other schools on the coast.

By supporting the canteen you are allowing your child to have their own retail experience in a safe environment. In today’s cashless society, our school canteen is one place where they still need cash to make a purchase for counter items.  Qkr! is now used for ordering lunch orders. To find out more about Qkr! click here.

We are very excited to start our Qkr ordering system It is very easy to use and I encourage all families to download the app and get on board. The app allows you to make changes to orders, for example, a chicken wrap can be ordered and you have the ability to say, “No tomato or mayo please!” This process is going to make life in the canteen 100% easier for volunteers.

And finally ALL profits made by the canteen are returned to the school.

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CANTEEN MENU – Price List Sept 2022


If you would like to volunteer for the canteen please complete the Canteen Volunteer Form or contact the school office with your details.
Just remember… Grandparents are awesome helpers too!! (We are lucky enough have some great ones helping this year)  please ask them to volunteer. The latest canteen roster is emailed with the school newsletter. If you are able to help please fill in the Canteen Volunteer Form

Throughout the year the canteen organises special food days for the students. Information about these special days is included in the school newsletter.

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