Principal's Message - St Patrick's East Gosford

Principal’s Message

A message from our Principal, Mr Kevin Williams.

The spirit of St Patrick’s is undoubtedly, unique. Our school is a welcoming, positive, hope-filled and inclusive community where our Catholic faith values underpin everything we do. The rich prayer and liturgical life of St Patrick’s encourages the students to deepen their relationship with Jesus. Learning is important at our school. Based on sound, educational research we have a coherent approach to learning that sets high expectations for the students in a supportive environment.

Embedded in our school is a collaborative culture of continuous improvement, where we continually challenge ourselves to become a better school. We recognise and value the importance of embracing and building St Patrick’s as a professional learning community. Our learning culture is characterised by its clarity of purpose, critical teacher inquiry and an action orientation that, together, results in improved student learning. People are important at our school. Our school provides a nurturing environment in which every member of the community is valued, respected and encouraged to reach their full potential. It is important that the unique Catholic nature of our school becomes evident through the network of genuine relationships in our community – relationships that are built upon strong relational trust where deep respect for each other is obvious.

At St Patrick’s, we believe a balanced education is important. Consequently, our students enjoy a wide range of learning, sporting, musical and social justice opportunities. We endeavour to help our students develop their skills, resilience and talents, along with a strong sense of compassion and justice, so that they will make a positive difference in our community. An awareness and deep respect of ‘difference’ is embedded in the inclusive culture of our school. Our students enjoy a very strong sense of belonging which is strengthened by the consistent support and encouragement that exists within the St Patrick’s community.

Kevin Williams


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