Permission Forms - St Patrick's East Gosford

Permission Forms

Please complete the Permission Notes for your children.  You will need to complete a separate form for each child in your family attending St Patrick’s Catholic Primary School in 2020.

•Photograph/Video Permission Form

•Overhead Pedestrian Bridge and Local Area Excursions

•Internet and Network Services User Agreement

Please see below a selection of forms that you can download and return to school as required:

Attendance Forms:

Please use the Compass App for Early Departure, Late Arrivals, Full Day Absences and Leave (Holiday) for less than five days. (To download the Compass App please follow the link on our Home Page)

For five or more days please complete the Extended Leave Form (see below).  If you are travelling overseas please attach your Itinerary showing flight details with the child’s name, then send this form into the office.  We will process a Certificate of Extended Leave and return this to you to put with your travel documents.

Application for Extended Leave for 5 days or more

Medical Forms:

Request to Administer Medication at School Student Asthma Record